Class Projects

Class of 2015


Pamela Ade, Sara Fear, Cheryl Fisher, Michele Horner, Mindy Markey-Grabill, Audrey Powell, Sheila Richardson, Brent Snively, Bethany Yost

Class of 2014

Historical Marker Program

Kelly Hopkins, Jean Morgan, Michelle Morrison, Kyle Rudduck

The Business Network

Tammy Fraser, Jermaine Isaac, Sonja Koehler, Kathleen Norman, Denise Smith

Class of 2013

Junior Achievement for Wilmington City Schools

Angela Fleak, Matt Hagee, John Joy, John Minyo, Tanya Snarr

Honor Our Military Everyday (HOME)

Jen Andorfer, Michael T. Daugherty, Sr., Rob Davis, Mike Wahl

Alumni and Marketing Fundraiser

Lora Abernathy, Pam Walker-Bauer, Michael E. Daugherty, Josh Riley, Patti Settlemyre, Ashley Taylor

Class of 2012

LC Alumni Involvement

Holly Batton, Timothy Burchett, Sandra Frazier, Geoffrey Ganz, John Gregory, Michael Kassinos

25th Anniversary Annual Campaign

Amanda Bell, Mary Davis, Carole Earhart, Eleanor Faye Harris, Trudi Tedrick

CCLI Marketing Plan

Rachel Colliver, Jeff Murphy, Steve Roe, Brett Rudduck, Dr. Kevin Boys, Wayne Cordrey, Kevin Johnson, Jordan Martin

Class of 2011

Marketing Survey for The Historic Murphy Theatre – All Class Members

Jeremy Bryant, Tim Colonel, Beth Ellis, Ryan Garrison, Shirley Haines, Leslee Johnson, Bob Martin, Robbey Pauley, Mark Rembert, Sigrid Solomon, Kevin Walls

Class of 2010

Marketing for the 2010 Turkey Trot & 5K Race

Taylor Stuckert, Penny Barkley, Ron Cravens, Andy Borton

Creation of Dr. Kelly Hale Nature Trail

Peggy Scott-Morgan, Dessie Buchanan, Ron Walter, Greg Daniels

Brochure Update for Wilmington City Parks

Lee Huffman, Summer McBrayer, Jason Phipps, Brian Shannon

Distribution of Medical Equipment to Seniors 

Janet Dixon, Erika Goodwin, Scott Henman, Kym Parks, Frank Schreier, James West

Class of 2009

Nonprofit Collaboration Project/Survey & Provision for Shared Resources – All Class Members

Duane Weyand, Jessica Jones, Jeanne Smith, Mitch Culbert, Julie Brassel, Jennifer Furber, Janet Schwartz, Dave Krazl, Dan Miller, Brenda Mahoney, Shaun Goodbar, Kerry Steed, Terri Limbert, Cliff Rosenberger, Bob Blanchard, Shawn Allen

Nonprofit Organization Support – All Class Members

Banana Split Festival Crew Work

Boyd Cancer Center Client Baskets

Cardboard City Build-Off

CCLI Leaders, Leprechauns & Gold Gala

Homeless Shelter Renovation

Rainbow Village Signage

Class of 2008

Clinton County Youth Center - Kitchen Renovation

Larry Weigel, Ron Fithen, Robyn Allen

Leaders in the Classroom – My First Curricula

Chris Copsey, Doug Little, Maria Teresa Jenkins, Stephen Picklesimer, Michelle Swearingen, Missy Holmes, Debbie Rinehart, Sue Reynolds, Jessica DeBold

Entertainment Council 2010

Sue Dun, Larry Weigel, Robyn Allen, Ron Fithen, Keri Jaehnig, Kyle Parker, Stacy Vance

Market Existing Community Programs

Bob Bowermeister, Chris Schock, Richard Braley, Sharon Kersey, Cindy Bailey, Sherri Krazl, Monica Wehr

Class of 2007

Make A Difference Day and Second Day Community Volunteer Project

Lori Fetherolf, Chad Hodson, Krista Jennett, Dan Mayo, Denise Terzakis

Clinton County Youth Center – Inside & Outside Renovation: Painting, Carpeting, Computer Labs

Kent Stewart, Bob Kubitza, Ann Venable, Chris Owens, Judy Kirchner-Davis, Denise Terzakis

Dress for Success

Aaron Bickel, Darlene Hicks

LC Alumni 2007 High School Scholarship

Joy Brubaker, Lead & Fellow Class Members

Class of 2006

Make A Difference Day

Mary Houghtaling, Jim Newell, Dave Ross, Nikki Custis, Kelley Robbins, Tom Golden, Christine Russo

hARvesT Festival

Angela Mitchell-Koster, Diane Murphy, Dow Tippett, Heather Harmon, Jennifer Lay, Katie Collins, Christina Groves

Vision Clinton County

Doug Smith, Lori Holcomb, Brad McMonigle, Damian Snyder, Jessica Gordon, Stephanie Stokes, James Bowling, Scott Kirchner

20th Anniversary – Leaders, Leprechauns & Gold Gala - ALL Class Members

Class of 2005

Habitat for Humanity

Dan Daniels, Andy Powell, Chaley Peelle, Chad Beam, Judy Branham and Danny Riley

Curbside Recycling Education

Nancy Ehas, Lauren Raizk, Kirk Smith and Danny Riley

Agriculture Museum Research & Corn Festival Education

Kim Danker, Phil Zeigler, Colleen Fear, Karmi Metz, Amy Rowsey, Steve Huff and Robyn Clifton

Class of 2004

hARvesT Festival

John Brill, Ken Lydy, Tara Lydy, Grant Peelle and Chris Hill

Helping Hands Project

Melissa McConahay, Marty Liming, Robyn Claibourne, Bonnie Droesch, Annette Curry and Mike Jones

Greater Clinton County Land Conservancy/ Clinton County Open Lands, Inc.

Laura Curliss, Kathryn Markins, Jeannie Foster and Connie Townsend

BEACON (Business Education Alliance Community Outreach Network)

Betty Cochran, Russ Walker, Mike Flanigan, Joe Mullins, Bill Miller, Phil Warner and Shane Rhodehamel

Class of 2003

Downtown CIC/Rombach Avenue/By-Pass

Jim Boland, Laura Carroll, Terry Habermehl, Dale Montgomery, Eric Noble, Jason Pugh, Jerry Quigley, Scott Rothenbush

Recycling Education & Van for School Event Use

Mike Burton, Jolene Hoggatt, Jeff Walls, Maggie Hess, Connie Moskal


Shay Doak, Carolyn Koynock, Sarah & Webster Mitchell

Class of 2002

Survey to Determine Highest & Best Use of Existing Buildings in Clinton County

Sally Buchanan, Kat Reynolds, Greg Haley, Ric Shrubb, Cathy Koerner, Scott Ellis

Needs Assessment of Hispanic Population

Mike Rhodehamel, Melissa Blandford, Tammy Shadley, Wade Bacon, Bill Childers, Vickie Patton, Todd Reed

Partnership with Prevent Blindness Ohio and Clinton County Schools-Grade 1

Kent Walker, Bill Davis, Bobbi Long, Debbie Quigley, Donnie Davis, Lisa Wallingford

Class of 2001

Fire Safety Van

Fadi Al Ghawi, Jeff Curry, Peter Kavanagh, Terry Kerr, Cindy Ledford, Melissa Reeder

Partners in Safety Campaign

Jeff Curry, Jeff Greene, Rex Gunning, Terese Hamilton, Pete Kavanagh, Terry Kerr, Valerie Martin, Chip Phillips

Scholarship Website

Linda Emery, Pat King, Kyle Lewis, Jim Paul, Blaine Pinkerton, Leilani Popp, Lisa Smith

Leadership Clinton 15th Anniversary

Pam Stricker

Class of 2000

Image of Wilmington

Barbara Becker, Ty McBee, Josh Mayer, Mark Stokes, Milissa Voss-Burns

Ohio Chautauqua 2000

Jenna Coblentz, Hodge Drake, Ed Leonard, Cheryl Reindl-Johnson, Debbie Stamper, Soundra Weaver

Clinton County Parks and Recreation Survey

Selena Briggs, Christopher Caulfield, Kristen Konnerth, Sherri Lea, Tony Long, Bernie Rosenow

Schools to Careers

Theresa Byrd, Jeff Kisling, Stephen Klumb, Susan Trutner

Class of 1999

Cowan Lake Watershed

Marcia Bergefurd, Debbie Butts, Guy Hopkins, Helen Smith, Kimberly Wilson

Clinton County Plant & Tree Identification at Collett Woods Nature Preserve & Brochure Creation

Laura Baessler, Kathy Johnson, Ryan Corzatt, Greg Howell, Jennilou Grotevant, Mike Phillips, Mike Slusher

How To Build In Clinton County Instructional Process & Licensing Brochures

Michael Choo, M.D.; Beth Huber; Bob Coblentz

Wilmington Schools Strategic Planning: Communications Team

Martha Campbell, Tom Garlock, Tonya MacIntyre

Clinton County Youth Survey (Youth Council & Center) & Hope Taft Luncheon

Jennifer Puller, Ken Whittenburg

Classes of 1997

Cardboard City

This event was brought home to Clinton County by the Leadership Institute to help raise funds for the Clinton County Homeless Shelter. In 1999, it was adopted by the Wilmington AM Rotary Club and is still supported by many Leadership Clinton Alumni.

Classes of 1998

Cardboard City

This event was brought home to Clinton County by the Leadership Institute to help raise funds for the Clinton County Homeless Shelter. In 1999, it was adopted by the Wilmington AM Rotary Club and is still supported by many Leadership Clinton Alumni.

Classes of 1991 - 1998

Class Day Planning Teams:

Class members were selected to team in groups of three to plan a 10-hour Leadership Clinton class day revolving around a community topic.

Class of 1990

Clinton County Healthcare Services – What we have and what we need

Mark Bush, Leroy Foster, Debra Pratt, Elizabeth Rea

Community Services Resources and Programs

Madgeann Beam, Duane Earley, Cynthia Hill, Marque Jones

Recycling Plan

Andrew McCreanor, Tony Nye, Patricia Yost

Class of 1989

Demographics of Clinton County

Tim Evans, Roseann Moore, Lori Williams

Financial Plan for Leadership Clinton

Tim Ellis, Doris Gaither, Mary Walker

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Lisa Buckley, Randy Davis, Dan Hendershott

Planning in Clinton County

Steve Fricke, Gary Kuntz, Stephanie Wilson

Quality of Life in Clinton County

Sue Brown, Mike Rupp

Class of 1988

Housing Needs for the Elderly

Barbara Prickett, William Baecker

Orderly Growth for Clinton County

Deborah Ford, Martin Mason, Christopher Musselman

Tax Abatement: Pros & Cons

Nancy Conner, Bill Liermann, Ned Thompson

Class of 1987

Barriers to Economic Development

Dale Dotson, Pete Fentress, John Quallen

Day Care In Clinton County

Scott Holmer, Kay Walt, Dennis Watson

Promoting Clinton County

Mary Alexander, Conrad Muzzy, Kent Powell, Doug Sweet